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Autocar Repairs, since 1974

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Mot Pricing

The current price of a Class IV (Private car and light van below 3500Kg) vehicle test is 54.85.

VAT is not applied to the price charged by the testing station.

If a repairer does not itself test the vehicle but takes it to a testing station, as we do, and then charges a rate that is different to the rate charged to them by the testing station, then VAT has to be paid on the difference.

[This explains the 'sum' included on our invoices whenever a vehicle test is charged. The cost to us of the test, 40.00, is not subject to VAT (Code 4). The additional cost, or mark up, to take the total cost to the standard, regulated test fee is £14.85 (or £12.37 plus VAT.) The cost to the customer is just the standard regulated fee of £54.85]

This is the only instance that we know where a supplier is obliged to disclose the cost price of any product that it sells. It is a requirement of H.M. Revenue and Customs and is, in our opinion, an objectionable and ill-thought piece of legislation.